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Saletta Breufanni – Perugia, Italy

Gallerie an Plattenallee – Berlin, Germany (Sponsored by the City of Berlin)

United States Information Center – Berlin, Germany

Festival of Two Worlds (two exhibitions) – Spoleto, Italy

Galisteo St. Gallery – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Contemporaries Gallery (two exhibitions) – Santa Fe, New Mexico


Galleria L’Aquilone – Spoleto, Italy

Galleria L’Oblisco – Rome, Italy

Palazzo Strozzi – Florence, Italy

Gallery 5 – Florence, Italy

Galleria Springer – Berlin, Germany

Posetano Municipal Exhibition – Posetano, Italy

Sassaferato Municipal Exhibition – Sassaferato, Italy

Roko Gallery – New York, NY

Salpeter Gallery – New York, NY

Denver Art Museum – Denver, CO

Phoenix Art Museum – Phoenix, AZ

University of New Mexico Art Gallery – Albuquerque, NM

Jonson Gallery – Albuquerque, NM

Contemporaries Gallery – Santa Fe, NM

UC Santa Barbara Gallery – Santa Barbara, CA

Coalition for Valle Vidal – Taos, NM

Mission Building, Dixon Studio Tour (thirteen exhibitions) – Dixon, New Mexico

*In 1968 I removed my work from all galleries. The action was less against the gallery modality than attention to my personal gestalt- I discovered that the gallery solution to marketing did not interface with the production-distribution dynamic necessary for me to work. From 1968 to 2018 I have limited showing my work to private viewings in my studio, special events and The Dixon Studio Tour.