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Transferred from the School of mathematics & Engineering to the Department of Fine Arts at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Early influences were Klee, Chagall, Picasso and contemporary Americans.


Continuation of studies – emphasis on painting and drawing. Spent summer in Taos. First group show at Harwood Foundation, Taos.


Graduated from UNM (major Painting & Drawing, minor, math). Exhibited in group shows at Albuquerque Modern Museum. Inducted into U.S. Army.


Stationed at 7th Army HQ., Stuttgart/Vaihengen, Germany. Established a painting studio in Vaihengen. Studied German Masters.


Married, overseas discharge from Army, moved to Perugia, Italy. Evolved a unique painting medium with AYAT plastic and dry pigments. First one-man exhibition (Saletta Brufanni, Perugia).


Moved to Rome and then to Vienna. Studied Etruscan art and in Vienna spent much time with the works of Peter Brughel. Concentration on drawing. Made many contacts in the classical music world, and was particularly involved in applying musical principles to painting.


Moved to Florence, Italy. Focus on both painting and drawing. Main subjects were children, musicians & family. Studied Italian Masters, especially Massacio, Leonardo, and Piero de la Francesca. Sketching trip to Sardinia. Had 2nd one-man exhibition (Berlin, Gallerie an Platanallee), sponsored by the city of Berlin.


Moved to Settignano (suburb of Florence). Produced large series of portraits. Had one-man exhibit at the Amerika House in Berlin. Met and had a three-year affiliation with Prof. Dr. Roberto Assagioli, Psychosynthesis Research Foundation – emphasis on art in human communication. Travel through Yugoslavia. Represented by galleries in N.Y. (Salpeter), Rome (L’Oblisco) and Berlin (Gallerie Springer).


Did series of large paintings devoted to the concept of  “Energy Dynamics”- works that constituted a large one-man show at the Festival of Two Worlds (Spoleto, Italy). First prize at annual invitational exhibition in Sassaferato, Italy. Involvement in the use of art as a human development tool.


Participated in Group exhibits in Florence and Posetano, Italy. Did group paintings with professionals in diverse fields. Created a series of small paintings which focused on color energy dynamics in Capolona, Italy.


Moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Opened a studio, painted a group of large works which focused on Energy Dynamics.


One-man exhibitions at Galisto St. Gallery and Contemporaries Gallery in Santa Fe. Contracted by the New Mexico State Planning Office to do a survey of the arts in New Mexico (first of its kind in the nation).


Intensive painting – one-man exhibition at the Contemporaries in Santa Fe. Taught painting for one semester at the Institute of American Indian Art in Santa Fe.  Coordinated, co-designed and co-facilitated integrated arts program in 32 schools–public, private and parochial–under the Espanola, NM municipal school system.


Numerous private shows in own studio, participation in group shows in New York (Roko Gallery), in Denver (Denver Art Museum), Phoenix (Phoenix Art Museum), and Santa Fe (Museum of New Mexico). In November decided to take work out of all galleries.


Lecture series on art in communication. On-going dialogues with a small group of scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory on art and technology. Produced series of large paintings (up to 8′ X 10′)


Decision to move to California. Taught one semester at UC Santa Barbara.


Moved to Los Angeles. Taught at University of Southern California until 1970. Concentration on drawing.


Began doing House Shows of paintings & drawings. Involved with E.A.T. (Engineering, Art & Technology) – group dedicated to creating environmental art projects.


Death of wife, time of adjustment & care of 3 children, little art production.


Wrote and illustrated series of fables.

1974 - 1975

Series of works on psychological symbolism. Began noting processes which use line drawing as a communication tool. Created “The Bear”, a New Age fable. Exploration of the use of line as a communication tool at the Center for Healing Arts in Los Angeles.  Preliminary studies (thousands of drawings which I destroyed) to lay the groundwork for the next several years’ mixed media series.

1975 - 1976

Remarried, created a series of about 100 mixed media works depicting philosophical, esoteric and mundane themes. Founded Educational Synthesis Foundation, non-profit dedicated to fostering human development.

1977 - 1978

Two year work on second series of mixed media and poetry works (A Walk Through the Garden of Us).

1982 - 1984

Exploration into the graphic implications of Energy Dynamics. Though a very productive period–hundreds of studies– most were destroyed.

1985 - 1987

Production of large paintings that represented the efforts of the three previous years. Continuation of work with line drawing – emphasis on use of this direction as a tool for individual development and group communication.


Began using the computer as an electronic sketch pad. Moved to Dixon, New Mexico, prolific painting period resulting in a One-Man Show in Dixon.


Series of paintings devoted to healing. One-Man Show in Dixon. Designed show for & Co-founded the Odysseus Project, a community/planetary approach to peace and global healing.


Series of paintings further exploring the implications of Energy Dynamics as applied to healing. Synthesized this direction in a One-Man exhibition at the Mission Building, participation in the Dixon Studio Tour.

1991 - 1992

Continued to produce paintings devoted to healing. One-Man exhibition during the Dixon Studio Tour. Participated in group shows in Albuquerque, NM– computer art exhibit at the Kimo Theater Art Gallery, and Albuquerque Convention Center, and in Los Alamos at the Fuller Lodge. Production of works devoted to healing. On-going classes with children from Dixon Elementary School using paintings as a point of departure in communication.


Continued painting devoted to healing and Energy Dynamics. Participant/co-founder of Casa de Piedra, a cooperative gallery in Dixon.


Produced a series of pen and ink drawings which characterize diverse human conditions, and a series of large paintings devoted to color Energy Dynamics.

1995 - 1997

Concentration on the use of the computer as an art medium, resulting in a series of prints produced with son, Kevyn, and exhibited at the Dixon Studio Tour and in various Northern New Mexico shows.


Print series – “Imagine” approx 50 images created on the computer.


Extensive number of studies for acrylic paintings.


Creation and publishing of a book of B&W drawings, Common Threads; ongoing involvement in 3-D animation.


Further testing of material for a book which makes use of line as a communication/exploration tool (working title – Line Games), creation of animated short – “Dave”

2002 - 2003

Series of large acrylic paintings, experimentation with digital photography. One-Man exhibit in the Annual Dixon Studio Tour (2001 & 2002).


Testing the application of Line Games as a communication tool. Began a series of drawings using a fictitious location (The Fine Men’s Apparel Store in Carlsbad New Mexico in 1944) as the setting to depict an allegorical portrayal of characters and human events.


Acrylic painting, 3D Animation, painting studies for extended series of acrylics.


Painted new acrylic series which marries the qualitative world with the abstract. Began marketing Giclée prints of works. Political/environmental work – “Homage to Valle Vidal”  for group exhibition sponsored by Coalition for Valle Vidal


Continued painting with acrylic medium, cataloging of work for planned retrospective. Represented by Portal Projects Artist Management.


Continued painting with acrylic medium.  Began a new series of work combining digital photography with digital painting –  “Fotopintura”.  Initial trip to Argentina, contact with the organic food movement in Mendoza Province, extensive photo-documentation.


Ongoing painting with acrylic medium, further exploration/expansion of Fotopintura.  Made second trip to Argentina, extensive photo-documentation, decided to divide time between San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina and Dixon, New Mexico.


Completed 5 acrylic paintings (average56″ X 65″).  Catalogued all work from all periods beginning with 1956.  Photographed and prepared for printing all works that are available for purchase as Giclees.  Newly designed website.


Created a cartoon strip, “The Asylum”–a mixture of sense and nonsense, camoflaged philosophy, and guarded humor.  Produced 200 three-cell strips.  Collaborated with daughter, Gulcin Gilbert, on the publicity artwork for her award-winning documentary, “Pink Skies”.


Drawing and writing.  Dedication to the implications of  “Art via Environment – a Reversal”.  Six months in San Rafael, Argentina, gave drawing classes and also communication workshops which used “drawing but not art”, based on my book LINE GAMES.


Published a book of drawings, ZOMBIE, ALIEN, MAYBE IT’S JUST US? via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Began a series of multi media works to be presented as an interactive event.


In NM, began ES ASI, a pen and ink drawing and poetry series devoted to depicting the human condition.

In El Bolson, Patagonia, Argentina – began novelette LA PARED (in Spanish).  Continued work on ES ASI and testing the project as a participation event.


In El Bolson – Completed the 56 drawings and 56 poems for ES ASI.  Completed first draft of LA PARED.  With wife, Camille, designed, created, and tested a BI-LINGUAL (Spanish and English) CARD GAME for all ages.

In Dixon, New Mexico – Began the imagery and poetry for series 13 STATIONS and began writing the mini short stories for the project.  Produced SNYT, a giclee mini-series.


In New Mexico – began Fotopintura Series, PALABRAS, a visual portrayal of elusive words used around the world.  Designed CAMPO DE SUENOS (FIELD OF DREAMS), a template for an annual grass roots community empowerment event.  Began design of video game SAFARE about the results of our choices.  Began HOSPITAL (Spanish), an essay/portrayal of the medical system.  Wrote LA OBRAa series of poems (Spanish).


In New Mexico – Completed imagery for PALABRAS–decided that it would more appropriately be a collaborative project to include SARAH HART (printmaking) and ARIN GILBERT (photography) as core participants and 20 single-submission participants (TBD).  Produced a giclee geometric mini-series.  Completed first draft of HOSPITAL.

In New York – Began giclee series Homage to New Mexico. Completed the basic design for CAMPO DE SUENOS (FIELD OF DREAMS) and translated it into Spanish.


In New York – Completed the 36 images for series Homage to New Mexico. Completed the mini-stories for 13 STATIONS.  Continued developing the fourth element of 13 STATIONS (the historical, environmental, and current examples of counterparts to the individual stations).

In New Mexico – Preparation for and exhibit of Homage to New Mexico at Ennui Gallery in Taos, NM.  Exhibited several large acrylic paintings in the Taos Mesa Brewing Tap Room, Taos, NM.  In process – LA HISTORIA BREVE DE MI EDUCACION DEL PRIMERO AL DUODECIMO GRADO.  Began new series of acrylic paintings.


In Ajijic, Mexico, began a series of drawings, Essence, which portrays basic principles of life.

In New Mexico, continued acrylic painting series begun in 2018 and began a photo series on mushrooms.


In NM – Completed the pen and ink drawings for Essence, a series of 70 images, in April. From April to December colorized these images and produced giclée prints of them. Acrylic painting

In December began work on the “visual music” series, Counterpoint.


In NM – Completed the Counterpoint series of 150 giclée prints that made use of drawing, photography and Photoshop, in August, 2022.

Exhibit of the series Counterpoint at the Stables Gallery, Taos, NM in August, 2022.