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The paintings that I have produced represent a synthesis of a direction I began in 1959 when I shifted my focus from the world of form to that of energy. I have named this focus Energy Dynamics- a term predicated on the fact that we exist in an energy continuum manifest in all life – animate and that which we call inanimate.

My major interest is how energy, manifested through color, line, and form can:
• contribute to wellbeing.
• support the entrance into the more subtle realms of life.

I found that there were certain responsibilities I had to accept in order to do this. The first was to learn to speak the language of color, form, and line. The second was much more subtle and far more demanding. This involved doing what was necessary to embody my explorations – here the challenge related more to existence than to art techniques. In this I had help from many areas including psychology, philosophy, spiritual orientations of numerous cultures, history, science, technology, and most importantly, daily living with my family and in society. Ultimately this culminated in a message to myself which said, “You have walked in the footsteps of giants, now you must forge your own path”. Paying attention to this thought has taken me to where I am and to the work I am doing – producing an energy framework (through the medium of color, line and form) into which observers may enter on their own terms.