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Some years before the emergence of this series I asked myself, “What might be the implications of moving from consciousness which is polarity-based (good/bad, rich/poor, high/low, etc) to one which, for lack of a better word, is continuum-based? My first steps in taking a serious look at the issue resulted in over 2,000 sketches which I destroyed. I then decided that rather than attempting to depict the idea of “polarity-based” or “continuum-based” per se, I would explore abstract to mundane issues which could be examined from both viewpoints. The partial results of this are these Mixed Media works on paper (all are about 18" X 24") that were created between 1976 and 1979 in Los Angeles…the quest continues…

The Original Works and Giclee Prints are available for purchase.  


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e001 Service
e002 Bless
e003 Bit By Bit
e004 A Matter of Attitude
e005 As You Wish
e006 Choices
e007 Contact
e008 Cosmic Come-On
e009 I Do
e010 Intellect Rule
e011 Intuitive Jitters
e012 Ongoing Dilemma
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