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Until 2009 I maintained a separation between my photography and my painting. I think it was quite by accident that I found my painter self joining my photographer self on a photo image.  Once done, it was like bursting a dam: it was fun, different (for me), and created visuals that I felt could be enjoyed by others. To me, this new-found direction is a happy synthesis of digital photography and digital painting. The initial visual subject matter, which primarily exists in my beloved rural New Mexico, has provided the turbo charge to my subjective/intuitive contribution……. so at times the original subject is recognizable, and at times not.

Giclee Prints in two sizes are available for purchase.  

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g001 Cliff Speak
g002 Life and Death
g003 Rio Embudo Verde
g004 Rio Embudo Shadows
g005 Hongos Blancos
g006 Embudo Atardecer
goo7 Abandoned Dreams
g008 Mushroom Serenade
g009 Glory
g010 Santa Barbara Torrent
g011 Aquatic Vision
g012 The Gorge III