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I created this body of work between 1956 and early 1959 while living in Italy and Austria.  This process, which I developed, permitted me to "paint" with dry pigments on paper. The image is "fixed" with the plastic, AYAT, that has been dissolved in acetone. The results are permanent and it produces a slightly rough finish that permits the addition of layers of dry pigment or the removal of them with acetone. I have found it to be the most fluid medium (with the exception of digital imaging) that I have ever used. The dangers of using acetone forced me to abandon this medium in 1959. 

Unless otherwise noted, all works are 28" X 39".

These Original Works and others in this series are available for purchase, please contact me by email for more information.

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Violinist Wolfgang Schneiderman
Child and Mother
Young Girl
Guitarist John Hoffman
James O'Driscoll I
Child With Bouquet
The Reader
The Libra