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I produced a great many pen and ink drawings from 1956-59 when I lived in Perugia, Florence and Settignano, Italy; Berlin, Germany, and Vienna, Austria. This time was devoted to working with subjects that existed in the objective world including landscapes, musicians, the circus, friends, street life, and my family. Many of the drawings from this period were done on 16-18th century paper.

The Original Drawings are available for purchase. 

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c001 Settignano Kindergarten II
c002 Child Playing
c003 Settignano Valley
c004 Guitarist II
c005 Umbrian Haystacks I
c006 Meal Time
c007 Talk
c008 Flowers
c009 Farmer Woman with Chicken and Flowers
c010 Mother and Child I
c011 Guitarist by Window
c012 Woman Knitting
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