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The acrylic pieces that I have painted since 1960 are my most involved works. I think of them as being akin to novels or symphonies in that they are very involved, take a great deal of time, and require many preliminary studies (at most I produce 6-8 paintings a year, and many years less). My underlying focus and motivation is energy, thus my keynote--“begin with energy and go from there”.

The pieces I have painted in New Mexico since 1988 average 5' X 6'. Generally I work on canvas (unless otherwise noted, the following images are all on canvas). The canvas is wrapped around the edges of the frame and painted--sometimes as a continuation of the work, sometimes as a single border color. I produce my own acrylic medium and make my own stretcher frames.

The Original Paintings and Giclee Prints are available for purchase.  Original Paintings are also available to rent. Please email me for price or Rental details.

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a004 Independence Day
a001 Cosmic Bouquet
a002 Homage to Mickey Mouse
a003 Symphony in Orange
a005 If We Could Do It Over
a006 Art Imitating Art
a007 Reign of Peace
a008 Aloha
a009 The Journey
a010 Challenge
a011 Entropic Imbalance
a012 Homage to Max Beckman
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